V.I.P. New Zealand Today

The demand for professional home services continues to grow in NZ and the V.I.P. Home Services' system is a proven winner with our customers, who show a clear preference for V.I.P. franchisees over the many options available to them. Our franchisees offer not only the security and peace of mind that comes with a large company, but also the personalised service of a small independent business owner. It's a win-win-win for everyone.

To ensure continued growth and support for customers and franchisees, V.I.P. Home Services is developing a strong Regional Master Franchise base. There are currently five Regional Master Franchises overseeing V.I.P.'s NZ activities in the Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Christchurch regions - recruiting, training and supporting a fast growing network of indoor and outdoor franchisees.

We continue to innovate and introduce improvements to all areas of our operation. One such innovation is our newly introduced Root Boost - designed specifically by V.I.P. Home Services to strengthen your lawn and plants in dry and drought conditions.

Another enhancement to V.I.P.'s business is our sharpened focus on the impact our franchisees can and do have on the environment.

V.I.P. in New Zealand over 20 years

John & Estelle Logan

Having perfected "the V.I.P. System" as a highly successful franchise, V.I.P. Home Services commenced operations in New Zealand during 1992. Initial efforts focussed on the main centres and soon grew to offer V.I.P. franchises and services to more than 70% of the NZ population.

In 1994, V.I.P. caught the eye of current National Franchisees, John & Estelle Logan, who started by purchasing a Regional Master franchise.

V.I.P. Home Services Origins

Bill Vis

When Bill Vis began mowing lawns part-time in Adelaide during the early 70's, he had no idea that he was laying the foundation of what would soon become Australasia's foremost home services franchise system. Bill's business became very successful, but he soon found that the profits were being eaten up on the time wasted travelling between customers. He also found that other private operators weren't willing to cooperate in an effort to eliminate crossing paths with each other, or reduce lost travelling time.

That led Bill to first employ help and then to seek other people interested in operating their own lawn mowing business as a franchise. Today, there are some 1,100 franchisees offering a full range of home services to millions of Australians and New Zealanders.