About this service...

Our Window cleaning service will help protect your home and your view!

With so many amazing views to enjoy, it's no wonder clean windows are so popular here in New Zealand!

Living near the coast, causes windows to become soiled quite quickly. The closer your home is to the beach itself, the more salt spray you will be bombarded with. Even homes 5km and 10km from the water are subject to salt spray in some conditions, even though it may not be very visible. And that salt residue just attracts moisture and dust so quickly that you seem to be doing almost nothing else apart from keeping your windows clean!.

Most clients prefer regular window cleaning service every month or two. Some have more frequent requirements, with many of our retail clients wanting weekly service. Whatever suits you, we can do!

VIP Window Cleaners use the very best of equipment and products to ensure your windows look fantastic after each clean. Each surface is hand washed to give the very best result. No standing back and squirting a hose at your window, then rushing off with your good money before the windows are dry and you can see the awful result! As always, if for any reason you are not delighted with the result, we will return and put it right. That's the VIP guarantee.

Chose any or all of the following services, to suit your needs:

  • Glass interior surfaces
  • Glass exterior surfaces
  • Window frames inside - surrounding woodwork is often marked, soiled and mouldy
  • Window frames outside - dust and grime not only spoil your view but look shabby, too
  • Casement cavities - we need to open the windows to get to this often neglected area
  • Spiderweb removal - may be done before or during the "wet" cleaning phase

Whether you chose one or all of the above options, you are assured of beautiful clean windows every time we visit.

Image of  Window Cleaning