About this service...

We offer an exterior building and house washing service for homes and small commercial buildings throughout New Zealand.

At VIP we use either a soft washing method or water blasting, as appropriate.

To minimise the potential for damage, the much preferred method is the soft wash, which utilizes a soft-bristled brush and a lot of elbow grease. The brush is attached to the end of a long pole, through which water passes all the way up to the brush. The operator agitates the soil with the brush while water sprays over the surface then rinses the surface off with the running water. In some cases, gentle chemicals will aid the cleaning process. We use the most environmentally friendly chemicals that still work effectively, always preferring those with minimal foaming and color.

Water blasting uses low pressure equipment (typically under 2,000 psi) that will not damage paint or brickwork, not the high pressures involved in paint stripping, industrial cleaning and the like. Some homes cannot withstand even the low-pressure water blasting option, which can damage the watertight membrane on monolithic cladding, force its way inside window and door casements and frames, and enter deep into vents and ducts. In addition, some weatherboard clad homes may leak under the force of water blasting. Water blasting does have a place and can be effective on brickwork, concrete, some decks, garden woodwork (fences, gates, pergolas etc), tiles and patios, and many other finishes, if used by properly skilled operators, such as your local V.I.P. Franchisee.

We are normally able to reach at least 5m high, depending on the ground contour near the building.

Image of  House Washing