About this service...

Let's face it, it's not likely anyone on your staff really wants to do the cleaning after they spend the day doing what you actually need them for. While that might be a cheap option for a small office, it is seldom a good option. Or, perhaps you already have Cleaners but you and your staff are never really happy with the job they do. The workplace is where many people spend most of the day and there's just no need to put up with it not being clean and sanitary.

Dust, grime, finger marks, fluff, spills and smears all find their way into your clean and tidy workplace while you are not looking. Not to mention spiders and flies leaving their trademarks and the bacteria and bugs which contaminate critical surfaces in the kitchen, staff room, bathroom, & toilet!

It’s an endless job keeping your office the way you like it. Or is it? Perhaps it doesn’t even need to be a job at all…for you.

VIP Franchisees are professional cleaners, trained to do a proper job with a minimum of fuss and time. They use their own commercial grade equipment, chemicals and supplies to ensure your working spaces are clean, sanitary and beautiful.

Here's what we include in our regular Office Cleaning service:

  • dust all furniture, skirting boards, ledges & shelves
  • wipe desktops, table tops & window ledges
  • remove cobwebs
  • clean mirrors, glass & glossy surfaces
  • spot clean light & power switches, doors & door frames
  • clean & sanitize kitchen sink, splash back, tiles, food preparation & consumption areas & bench tops
  • wipe outside kitchen cupboards, drawers & cabinets, whiteware appliances, microwave & countertop appliances
  • clean & disinfect bathroom, shower (if there is one), bath (if there is one), toilet(s), washbasin(s) and touchable surfaces of bathroom fixtures (hand dryer, sanitary disposal units and the like)
  • wipe outside bathroom cupboards, drawers, cabinets & bench tops
  • clean any laundry/cleaners' sink, splash back, tiles, bench tops
  • vacuum throughout & wet mop all hard floors
  • deodorize throughout
  • empty rubbish bins and bag trash (remove from site or leave for collection as required)
  • sanitize phones and desks
  • clean & disinfect urinals in bathrooms
  • replace paper & hand-cleaning products in bathrooms

Of course, you may customize the service to suit your needs, and may have other needs in addition to our "standard" service. We will gladly provide a free no-obligation quote for the exact services you require.

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