About this service...

We provide carpet and upholstery cleaning services throughout New Zealand. If you want fresh, clean carpets & upholstery, we can help.

At VIP we use Steam Cleaning for carpets and upholstery as it is the most effective method used today. Steam Cleaning (also known as Hot Water Extraction) is the most popular choice among consumers and usually delivers the best results for total cleanliness of your carpet or upholstery.

The Hot Water Extraction method utilizes hot water and high pressure to thoroughly clean the carpet or upholstery fibers. In addition to cleaning the upper surface of the carpet, Hot Water Extraction removes soil and allergens from deep within the carpet or fabric.

In addition to high-pressure hot water, the Hot Water Extraction method uses cleansers to assist in breaking up soil and other foreign matter in the carpet, to help ensure a deep, thorough cleaning and leaving your carpet or upholstery in its natural, sterile state.

Hot Water Extraction involves a number of steps and is most effective when undertaken by trained professionals, such as ourselves. Untrained operators often do not understand the importance of such factors as correct chemical balance and proper water removal. Inadequate removal of water, for example, can dramatically prolong the drying time and cause mold, mildew, and rot, all of which degrade your family's health.

These steps are:

  • Vacuum carpets thoroughly using a powered-head vacuum. The powered head has brushes which agitate the carpet and remove up to 100% more dust and soil than a regular vacuum removes.
  • Pre-spray the carpets with an alkaline cleansing agent to loosen and break down remaining soiling (think of this like your dishwashing liquid. Hot water alone doesn't remove all the food from the dishes, does it? You need a detergent...).
  • Agitate the pre-sprayed carpet to increase the break down of soiling (think of this as a bit like scrubbing the dishes with a dish brush. You wouldn't just dip the dishes in and out of the hot soapy water and expect them to be clean, would you?)'
  • Extract the now used pre-spray solution along with all the soil and grime and grit, from the carpet or upholstery. Our portable machines extract the soil and pre-spray while rinsing with clean hot water/steam at up to 500psi that contains a rinsing agent designed to leave your carpets and upholstery in as natural condition as possible and minimize re-soiling
  • As necessary on some carpets, groom the clean carpet to ensure the fibers lay in the same direction and stand as vertical as possible (just like brushing or combing after you clean your hair). This step aids drying and makes the carpet look its best.
  • Where necessary, assist drying using a powerful fan or air-mover. Our machines do an excellent job of extracting the water and steam, and carpets will normally dry in a few hours. However, damp and/or cold weather will slow the drying process and drying assistance may be needed. You can help by leaving as many windows and doors as possible open for several hours because the fasted drying is achieved when there is plenty of airflow over the carpet.

Your VIP Carpet Cleaner may also apply a fabric protector, if desired, to help protect your carpet or upholstery against accidental spills and soiling before our next visit.

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