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Benefits of being a VIP franchisee

  • Access our award-winning system with solid support
  • Try before you buy: spend a day working with a franchisee to see if it’s right for you
  • Go solo or work with a partner/friend or family
  • Get business leads in your area from day one
  • Uncapped earning potential*
  • Discounts on products, equipment and insurance

As a V.I.P. franchisee, you’ll work for yourself – not by yourself. From day one, your business is backed by our ongoing support and proven partnership.

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What our franchisees say...

I chose V.I.P. as the company stood out from all the other franchises I contacted., I'd been reading gardening books for 20 years, and I thought this would let me do something I loved I knew for ages what I wanted to do it was just a matter of which ...

Since joining V.I.P. in 2011 we have enjoyed financial success and established financial freedom. More importantly, we have been able to bring balance to our lives. By having our own business we have been able to focus on lifestyle and family through...

I'd worked in offices for too many years and both of us were looking for a change. I looked at other franchises but V.I.P. won hands down so it was a no-brainer to go with them! I started in September 2009 but within two months built up work to the p...

VIP has provided us with the opportunity to run our own business to meet our needs and goals since we joined in 2005. With VIP we were able to start with an established customer base and earn an income immediately and from there, we have been able to...

Hi Colin, Amazing Service - lawns mowed within less than 12 hours from my query! Regards Anna

1 Your exclusive territory means that you receive every inquiry from your area, even beyond your income guarantee level. We don't stop sending you referrals.

2 We guarantee your actual income, not just your average work level, and we guarantee to pay out the guarantee every 2 weeks, in real money. We don't just add some work to your load later in the year.

3 We teach you how to quote your own work so you’ll be happy with the price. And because the only time you will need to quote for new work is when you have free time, you will never be "wasting” your time quoting. If you have free time that you could be working, quoting for more work is exactly what should be doing. And when you're working to capacity, you can simply pass the leads on to another franchisee.

4 We teach you how to schedule your work so you can fit your work around your life, not the other way round. Manage your own time.

5 Your customers pay you directly so you receive steady regular income all the time. Manage your money yourself.

6 Our modest, flat franchise fees do not increase as you take on extra work or guarantees. Keep the extra income for yourself.

7 You receive a thorough 4 weeks paid training in all aspects of running your new business, not just how to mow a lawn or clean a house.

8 Our exclusive sell-back system provides the opportunity to sell work back to us periodically, helping to compact your round and improve your profitability. In effect, you’re paid in advance for work you no longer have to do, and your phone keeps going with fresh inquiries.

9 Our systems and technology are proven over 35+ years and continue to improve each year.

10 VIP Home Services has won the Best Home Services Franchise System, Best Home Services Franchisee and Best Master Franchisee award multiple times.

11 You truly own your own business with VIP – you’re not just buying yourself a job. VIP is not just a different job with a different boss and different hassles. You really do work for yourself. We teach you how.

We know, we know, that's 11 reasons. More than you expect, but no more than you deserve.

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