Bay of Plenty : Lawn Mowing

Let us take care of the lawn and garden chores. Keep your own time for yourself.

At V.I.P. Home Services we have a lot of experience maintaining gardens and mowing lawns. In fact, the first "V.I.P. Lawn” was mowed over 40 years ago! Let us take care of the lawn and garden chores for you during the week and you'll free up your own time for yourself.

In the Bay of Plenty, V.I.P. Franchisees mow more than 1,000 lawns. Not to mention all the gardening, weeding, hedge and tree trimming they do for their clients. Plus garden clean-ups, gutter clearing, rubbish removal, planting, fertilizing, landscaping and more.

We work to our own high standards, but we’re also happy to accommodate your special requirements. Place clippings around a shrub?

Lawn Mowing BOP Tauranga

Sure. Blow leaves out of flower beds before we mow the lawn? No problem. Dig compost into the garden? Still no problem. Just ask your local Franchisee. After all, our most basic service is still "V.I.P. Service”.

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V.I.P. Home Services in Tauranga offer all of the following services
  • lawn mowing
  • lawn edges
  • weed eating
  • hedge trimming
  • tree trimming
  • tree services
  • weeding
  • fertilizing
  • garden maintenance
  • ride on mowing
  • rose pruning
  • shrub pruning
  • garden rubbish removal
  • gutter clearing
  • landscaping
  • onehunga weed ( prickle weed) control

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