NZ : Lawn & Garden Franchise Opportunites

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So! You love the big outdoors; maybe you enjoy the satisfaction of a sharp, neat lawn or just love to garden. Then you'll love this franchise! Perhaps you are even quite a handyman or have experience trimming trees and hedges, or landscaping.

As a VIP Lawns & Gardens franchisee you can offer any or all of the above work to your clients. No need to invest in an extra franchise license. Just check off that it’s within your skill base and that you are legally able to do it, and you can do whatever your customer is happy to pay you for!

Sometimes that will mean removing and dumping general garden rubbish, and giving the section a good general clean up. This and other one-off work is often seen as "the cherry on top”, with your regular weekly and fortnightly work providing your "bread and butter”. Of course, you still choose which of the range of services you will offer your client's, thereby ensuring you are always in control of your own business and life.

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