Hedge Trimming

Hi, I am Shane Barber, your local Garden Maintenance & Lawn Mowing franchisee in Greerton

Before I joined VIP, I enjoyed working in my uncles small lawnmowing business. I thought I could do this when I retired but 12 years later, I needed a change in lifestyle. I had a career in the restaurant industry but then I realised after a couple years I needed to get out for the good of my health. I wanted my own business, which is when I remembered the lawn mowing. I didn’t know how to start from scratch, and I didn’t want to. I had seen VIP round for years and clearly it was a long running success and a well organised brand. This really appealed to me. I talked to VIP who were very approachable then I spent a day in the field with a VIP franchisee. After that I knew it was the right move.

As a V.I.P. Home Services' Franchisee, I have a large highly-respected organization backing me, which gives customers complete peace of mind. I am trained, carry full insurance coverage and subscribe to a market leading Worksafe safety program. I am also security cleared and clearly identified with eye-catching V.I.P. signage, uniform, and stationery. In the unlikely event, there is something you are unhappy with, you can rest secure in the knowledge there is a reputable business behind me to ensure you receive 100% satisfaction.

And for all that, my pricing is very competitive and offers fantastic value for money.

Image of Ohauiti Hedge Trimming