House Washing

VIP Waikato offer lawn mowing, lawn maintenance and other home services throughout Hamilton. Book a one-time lawn mowing service or arrange with one of our owner operators to maintain and cut you lawns on regular basis.

Our regular mowing service includes weed-eating or blade trimming all edges, mowing, catching & removing clippings, and sweeping debris from adjacent paths, mowing strips and driveways if suitable for your lawn we may mulch the lawn a few times during the year, at times when the lawn can benefit from the light fertilizing effect of the clippings breaking down we do not mulch or leave clippings on the lawn as a rule, due to the increased likelihood of disease and mildew, not to mention the unsightly appearance of dead and dying grass clippings left after an amateurish catcher-less cut our mowing patterns will ensure your lawn looks its best after mowing.

Image of Frankton House Washing