NZ : Franchisee Testimonials

Yann & Susan Le Moigne V.I.P. Lawn & Garden Franchisee

Successful Auckland Lawn Mowing FranchiseV.I.P. has provided us with the opportunity to run our own business to meet our needs and goals since we joined in 2005. With V.I.P. we were able to start with an established customer base and earn an income immediately and from there, we have been able to build a successful business over the years.
We value the professional development opportunities that V.I.P. provides, the strength that the V.I.P. brand has brought to our business and the building of relationships and friendships with fellow V.I.P. franchisees.

Colin & Serena Davids V.I.P. Home Cleaning Franchisee

Award winning Auckland Cleaning FranchiseWe came to NZ from South Africa and soon after looked for a business that allowed us to spend more time with our family. After careful research we chose V.I.P. and it has certainly surpassed our expectations. We've worked hard, but have reaped all the reward of our efforts. The 4 Key indicators that show why V.I.P. is so successful are 1) Exclusive Referral Territories 2) Sell-back system 3) Flat franchise fees and 4)the knowledge that exists within V.I.P. which is shared through our monthly meetings, newsletters and open communication with our franchisors. We absolutely recommend V.I.P. as being the number 1 franchise to buy.

Cameron & Katie Brooks V.I.P. Lawn & Garden Franchisee

Award Winning North Auckland FranchiseeSince joining V.I.P. in 2011 we have enjoyed financial success and established financial freedom. More importantly, we have been able to bring balance to our lives. By having our own business we have been able to focus on lifestyle and family through the flexibility that the business has allowed us. The V.I.P. franchise offers fantastic systems and training and with the ongoing support that is provided, we have been able to build and grow our business quickly and with confidence. It's the best decision we've ever made!

Kay Wilson & Wayne Gribble V.I.P. Home Cleaning Franchisees

Move To The Regions With VIPI'd worked in offices for too many years and both of us were looking for a change. I looked at other franchises but V.I.P. won hands down so it was a no-brainer to go with them! I started in September 2009 but within two months built up work to the point where we decided Wayne should leave his job and join me. This was always our intention we just didn't expect it to happen so quickly! What stood out was the fact there was freedom to grow the harder we work the more we earn. We also train and support other franchisees in our area and V.I.P. support us to grow and develop.

Ian Watson, V.I.P. Lawns & Gardens franchisee

Lawn Mowing Franchise Opportunities ChristchurchI chose V.I.P. as the company stood out from all the other franchises I contacted., I'd been reading gardening books for 20 years, and I thought this would let me do something I loved I knew for ages what I wanted to do it was just a matter of which franchise! V.I.P. were very helpful, without being pushy, and even now 12 years later they are still supportive and interested but do not interfere. The franchise is everything V.I.P. said it would be except I've earned more money than they said I would.

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