A humble garden fence can become a work of art in some simple, easy steps.

Here are nine ideas to transform your fence from boring to beautiful.
1. Rain boot planter pots
Use old gum boots that your children have grown out of as planter beds that they can grow their own flowers in. Line these along your fence panels to add some colour.
2. Grab a paintbrush a paint a perfect picture!
Paint a mural, some floral designs or something your children love along your garden fence panels.

You can find plenty of ideas to inspire you on Google and Pinterest.

3. Bring the Birds to Your Home

Add some bird houses to attract some visitors of the winged kind.

A fence lined with birdhouses not only creates a bit of fun along your back fence, but can bring some beautiful visitors to your backyard.

Just put some feed in your birdhouses and watch the magic unfold before your eyes.

4. Recycle and Reuse

Recycling helps to eliminate your carbon footprint and what a better way to do this by using the bottles as spaces to grow your herbs.
Cut through your bottle and add dirt and seeds. Hang the plastic bottles along your fence and grow your favourite herbs for your cooking.

5. Mirror mirror on the wall

Do you have some old window frames or mirrors that you no longer use?

Why not place mirrors in the old frames and hang them on your back fence?

They look amazing on the fence and provide a focal point in your garden.

6. Pretty as a picture

Creating artwork with a wall of picture frames is on trend.
People are doing it inside their homes but who says it can’t be done outside as well?

Take this look outside by creating the same effect on your fence.

7. Blooming beautiful

Continue the beauty of your garden with hanging flower pots on your fence or by even growing some vines.

8. Make the most out of small spaces!

Build some wooden planter boxes and place these along your fence.

Great for growing herbs and small fruits like berries.

This is a great space saving option for small gardens.

9. Let there be light!

Elegant, beautiful, simple and effective it’s amazing the difference a pack of fairy lights can do.
String these along your fence. Doesn’t matter how little or big you go with this, lights can make a beautiful difference.